Dominican Republic
Economic Enviroment
Currently has a Multiple Banking license, it is located in the No. 17 position of the 18 institutions that make up the financial system, with a market share in public deposits of 0.12% (December 2018).

Within its portfolio are the following products for individuals and legal entities:

- Checking accounts.
- Savings Accounts (DOP and USD)
- Certificates of Installment Deposits (DOP and USD
- Mortgages, Consumer and Commercial Loans (DOP & USD)

The Dominican Republic is the country with the highest economic growth in the region, which grows at average annual rates of 5% and 6%. Among it’s main strengths are:

- Diversification of economic sectors; Local Manufacturing (9.7% as% of GDP), Commerce (8.4% as% of GDP), Tourism (7.5% as% of GDP), Transport and storage (8.3% as% of GDP), Activities Real estate (8.1% as% of GDP) and Construction (11.0% as% of GDP).
- Stability of the exchange rate, with an average annual planned depreciation of 3% and 4%.
- Minimal variation in price levels in the economy. Inflation in 2018 was only 1.17% with respect to 2017, the lowest recorded in the last 34 years.
Our Trajectory
Board Directors

José Antonio Oliveros Febres-Cordero
Bachelor’s Degree in Administration Science, with specialization in Banking and Finances


Alejandro J. Valencia

Treasury Manager

Miguel Eduardo Archila Morales

Luis Julio Jiménez Miniño


Tobias Carrero Nácar

Accounts Commissioner

Alberto Rodríguez Feliz
Bachelor’s Degree in Public Accountancy
Products Portofolio

- Savings Account
- Checking Account
- Fixed Term   Deposits
- Commercial loans
- Autoactivo Loans
- MicroActivo Loans
- Guaranteed Loans
- Mortage Loans
- Credit Card

- Savings Account
- Checking Account
- Salary Account
- Term Deposits
- Commercial Loans
- Tourism Loans
- Agriculture Loans
- AutoActivo Loans
- Plan Mayor Flota   Loans
- MicroActivo Loans
- Construction Loans
- Guaranteed Loans
- Credit Card
Services Portofolio
- Money exchange
Nationwide presence:

Main Office:

Av. Winston Churchill, Plaza Las Palmeras, Ensanche Evaristo Morales. Santo Domingo.
Office Hours Monday to Friday from 8:00am a 5:00pm, Saturday 9:00am a 1:00pm
Telephone: +1 (829) 946-2220


Av. Tiradentes, Galerías de Naco, Ensanche Naco. Santo Domingo.
Office Hours Monday to Friday from 8:30am a 5:00pm, Saturday 9:00am a 1:00pm
Teléfono: +1 (809) 541-2220

Santiago de los Caballeros: (November 2017)
Plaza Mía, local 1-03, Av. 27 Febrero, Nº 52
Telephone: +1 (849) 937-3220
We current Have:
Information updated June, 2017.
Information updated June, 2017.