Who we Are?
Activo Financial Group is a team of professionals who are working to create a new banking concept associated to higher financial agility that will prompt you to reach a better quality of life. We are currently present in Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

Banco Activo C.A., Banco Universal was born in the city of Caracas, Venezuela on April 11th 1978, as Banco Hipotecario Oriental, and maintained the name of Banco Hipotecario Activo until 2006, when a new group of shareholders made the conversion to Commercial Bank on July 1st 2007, thus creating a new banking concept based in the financial agility and personalized customer service, that drives their clients to reach for a higher quality of life.

As part of this process of transformation, on December 19th 2008, based in the concept of “creating a bank that listens to its clients”, it was transformed to a Universal Bank. From 2006 to 2017 Banco Activo, C.A. Banco Universal has shown growth focused on offering the products and standard banking services, with a marked distinct acompetitive advantage, creating a sales structure that allows us to attend to different segments of clients, according to their needs, and a Services Channel that suplements the sales process in an optimal way.

On March 30th 2009 they founded Activo International Bank (Puerto Rico). AIB (for its initials in Spanish) is an International Banking Entity authorized by the Commissioner of Financial Institutions, whose headquarters are located in the city of San Juan de Puerto Rico, United States of America. AIB offers a series of international financial solutions and a customized business service, according to each client’s needs.

In 2016 Banco Activo was born in Dominican Republic, as stated in the Second Resolution adopted by the Monetary Board, dated June 2nd 2016, where the members of the aforementioned board evaluated as positive the proposal for restructuring that was presented by the Superintendence of Banks, and the creation of Banco Múltiple Activo Dominicana, to where the cleared assets and liabilities of Banco de Ahorro y Crédito Providencial S.A would be transferred.
Our Trajectory
We offer international banking solutions, adapted to the needs of our clients, with a differentiating value proposition to promote a better quality of life and growth opportunities, supported by a highly qualified and service oriented team, based on human and social direction , designed to meet your international needs and broaden your financial horizons.
To be your choice of international preference, recognized as a growing financial option of preference in the market, for providing timely solutions, with efficiency and solidity, and for our personalized business attention, according to your needs.
- Security and Solidity:
We provide the greatest strength and support, tailored made to our customers.
- Integrity:
We have a responsible and hard-working team that, day after day, watches over the interests of clients, shareholders, employees, authorities and the public in general.
- Quality Service:
We work to offer value to our customers, considering their needs.
- Customer oriented:
We adapt to the needs of our clients to strengthen our financial relationship and build long-term relationships.
- Social Commitment:
We work daily to make a fair society, that is harmonious and with a healthy coexistence.
- Agility:
We work to give effective answers in the shortest time. Our aims are, Respect, good treatment, and quality service.
- Continuous Improvement:
In every step we take, we strive to grow with you.
- Confidenciality:
We assure our clients the confidential handling of their information.
Group Composition
Millions of $
Information updated June, 2017. BABU: Exchange rate Bs./$ 9.101 (DICOM)
Millions of $
Information updated June, 2017. BABU: Exchange rate Bs./$ 9.101 (DICOM)
(Net) Loan Portofolio
Millions of $
Information updated June, 2017. BABU: Exchange rate Bs./$ 9.101 (DICOM)