Puerto Rico
economic environment
It has a license of an International Banking Entity (EBI for its initials in Spanish), whose greatest benefit is the exemption from taxes, as an incentive to attract foreign capital and boost the country's employment levels. The condition for the EBIs is to work with economic agents of foreign capital, both in the collection of resources, and in the intermediation; and they are based on the following activities: Commercial Banking, Securities, Insurance, Trust Services, Financial Leasing, Clearinghouse, Management Services (investment companies and mutual funds), Additional Faculties (all financial activities carried out by the United States banking industry).

The financial system of Puerto Rico is currently composed of 11 local banks, 30 International Banking Entities, and 41 International Financial Institutions, among the three segments that concentrate 82% of the market.
Our Trajectory
Board Directors
José Antonio Oliveros Febres-Cordero
Bachelor’s Degree in Administration Science, with Specialization in Banking and Finances
Alejandro J. Valencia

Products Portofolio

- Personal Accounts: Savings Account (SAV) y Money Market Account (MMK)

- Corporative Accounts: Demand Deposit Account (DDA) y Money Market Account (MMK)

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Oriented to complement the relationship with the client-bank through:

- AIB Online: Free Internet Banking service that offers you quick, safe and easy access
- Personalized quality service
- Customer service
- Banking transfers.
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Information updated October, 2018